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Close encounter with the Lion and other wildlife

The Author in Tanzania Africa

Let me bring you back to September, the year 2016. The year I closed my photography business. I never can imagine I would be going to Africa. One night as I was browsing the internet to search for a much more adventurous journey, I found Africa.

My search continued, I was watching a documentary about people hiking the tallest mountain in Africa, they called it Kilimanjaro.

Kadayawan is a Celebration of Life and Gratitude

kadayawan festival in mindanao
kadayawan festival in mindanao
The image was taken in 2017 during Festival in Davao City by the Author

Mindanao the southern part of the Philippines has a lot to offer at any time of year, and the Kadayawan Festival is a great time to visit if you have to choose a season.

Before the pandemic, I visited my hometown yearly during the months of July to August.

Let me introduce to you my favorite festival in Mindanao: the Kadayawan. It should be pronounced “ka-da-ya-wan.”

To find out tumors in other parts of the body

Image source from The Star Malaysian Website — For illustration purpose only.

I have diagnosed with MALT B-cell Lymphoma and the tumor was inside the right breast. Thankfully it is not breast cancer.

You may ask me how this happen?

I’ve written an article that can explain and you may like to read it first.

The lump was removed and I was diagnosed with MALT B-cell lymphoma. My Haematology doctor explains that MALT Lymphoma is treatable with Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and Targetted Therapy. Depending on how severe the tumor.

But before the procedure takes place, the doctor needs to find out if I have a tumor in other areas.

PET (Positron Emission Tomography)…

In short, a Blood Cancer.

taking blood samples
taking blood samples
The image was taken while a nurse drawing blood from my right arms

I am documenting this journey about my type of Lymphoma hoping it can create awareness for others.

Before I start, I want to give thanks to my 700 followers. I thank you from my heart.

To avoid confusion:

In my previous article. I was writing about the latest surgery I have just undergone. May you like to read it first?

The lump that was removed from my right breast findings results came as MALT B-cell type LYMPHOMA.

I did some reading and here’s more relevant information.


MALT lymphoma is a slow-growing (low-grade) non-Hodgkin lymphoma that…

caribbean Flamingos
caribbean Flamingos
The image was taken at the Jurong Bird Park Singapore by the Author

As I watched a group of Flamingo dances, I realized that the dance called Flamingo must have come from these birds.

Amazingly, stretches their long skinny feet to the left, then at the back as they moved on the other side. When they reach the end, they do the same process on the other side again and again.

I cannot exactly express it, but I knew what they were doing. But it was so graceful and beautiful to see. I spend 30 minutes watching them.

Would you dance like these Flamingos with me? Would you?

Let me introduce you to Caribbean Flamingo

Caribbean Flamingo in Latin is…

Over the last 5 years.

medical health insurance
medical health insurance
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

The recent hospitalization reminded me how important to have medical insurance once again.

I’ve undergone surgery to remove a lump that was out of nowhere growing on the right side breast next to the nipple that is called an Areola. (ayr-EE-oh-luh)

What is an Areola in cancer terms? The area of dark-colored skin on the breast that surrounds the nipple.

Who is Pacman?

manny Pacquiao politician
manny Pacquiao politician
The Image was taken from Manny Pacquiao Facebook Profile

With his recent political comments about the present administration and his impending fight, this august in Las Vegas against unified champion Errol Spence, Jr. Manny Pacquiao is once again making headlines in the Philippines and throughout the world.

Who is Manny Pacquiao?

Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao Sr., CLH, was born on December 17, 1978. Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino pro boxer, media figure, and politician who has won more boxing titles than any other fighter in history.

He is known as “PacMan” and is considered one of the best professional boxers of all time.

He rose from extreme poverty to the peak of his…

Easy to make and healthier to eat.

Popiah by the Author

Popiah is a Teochew word that means “thin pancake”. Popiah is also similar to a thin paper-like crepe wrapper.

It’s stuffed with a filling made of cooked vegetables and meats.

When deep-fried, the crispy roll is more commonly known as spring roll, but if the wrapper is as it is, it is known as popiah.

You will see popiah in most Singapore hawker centers. In Vietnam and Thailand, popiah is also a popular dish.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, the fresh and fried popiah, we called it in general as Lumpia. Either fried or fresh.

Popiah is a food of Southeastern…

The next time you visit

Image was taken at Kampong Glam by the Author

I could not imagine what I was really seeing as I walked along Arab street, Kampong Glam, and Muscat Street.

It feels like I have been away for so long. The tremendous changes of Singapore and making it not only the Garden City but also a country full of arts to showcase the Multicultural environment living in harmony around many areas.

One particular street that really shocks me is Arab street. The art and drawing impressed me.

Things you may like to know

Image of Elvie Lins

We have heard rumors of any kind about vaccines. In my case, I always believed in technologies and I believed in Singapore and the Ministry of Health (MOH). It is why I came back for my medical treatment and to get the vaccine.

I had my first dose on June 8, 2021, and I’ve posted it on Medium

At the time of my first vaccine, in Singapore, we get 2 options to choose from.

There was only from Pfizer BioNTech and from Moderna.

Many of my friends have chosen Moderna as they said that, according to the expert Moderna Vaccine…

Elvie❤️ Lins

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