Elvie is a professional photographer & self-taught digital Artist. She has been awarded 5X a top writer in Travel & 3X Top writer in Photography.
Image of Kilimanjaro peak. top of Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro Peak by Elvie Lins

Mount Kilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira are dormant volcanos in Tanzania Africa.

Hiking Kilimanjaro is Exciting but also dangerous

Before we arrived in Moshi Town, we had book our hike with a tour agency as it wasn't allowed to do a hike on your own without a tour guide.

Our Group consists of:

  • My husband and…

tanzania africa
The Author in Tanzania Africa

Let me bring you back to September, the year 2016. The year I closed my photography business. I never can imagine I would be going to Africa. One night as I was browsing the internet to search for a much more adventurous journey, I found Africa.

My search continued, I…


January 2021 Feldkirch Town in Vorarlberg Austria © Elvie Lins

After 2020 with lockdown for 8 months in the Philippines and covid arising around the world, I was finally able to join in the middle of 2020 with my husband in Austria. So here is a recap of what it's like for me in 2021.


I was in Austria at…


©Elvie Lins

Black and White of A Woman

Black and white of woman, or she’s brighter than the knight,
a singular beauty created divine;
her bravery has shown throughout time now.

The mystique in her eyes
draws me back in rapture from time to time.

Swan at the Lake of Constance — Image by Elvie Lins

The water waved in,
Several feet from shore it got,
Before the both of us could near.
It surged up quickly,
Down under our backs, we were,
We emerged with a startling cheer.

You’re my rock when I wake up,
wiping the sleep away from my eyes.

Without you, life…


City of Bregenz in Vorarlberg Austria by Elvie Lins in January of 2022

The city of Bregenz has traditionally been most known for its trade in textiles and handcrafted goods. But today Bregenz also promotes tourism by hosting various events, such as the International Film Festival or opera performances.

Bregenz has been home to many of the country’s most important historical events. Located…

Redang Island in Malaysia — By Elvie Lins

Redang Island in Malaysia is a popular tourist destination that is both beautiful and serene. This island has over 20km of pristine sandy beaches, perfect for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and diving.

Basilika Rankweil

The Basilika Rankweil Vorarlberg is a Roman Catholic church located in the small town of Rankweil, Austria. The basilica ranks among the best examples of Baroque architecture in Austria and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site “Early Christian Monuments of the Alps”.

Elvie Lins❤️

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