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Sometimes things in the past bring me happiness while I zip a cup of coffee in the morning.

Elvie’s Company Logo by Elvie Lins

This is my company logo which I still carry today.

Video courtesy by DonCanela

The above video was created by someone I am not familiar with. It is about a video of my charity work with the Philippine Ambassador in Singapore back in 2009.

I was taking images of 40…



6 days ago

An image I recently added to my collection at Opensea NFT — Image by Elvie…

As the sun rises over the mountain,

I see a sailboat on the ocean.

The early riser is up and about,

enjoying the love of nature.

The colors are so bright and beautiful,

it’s hard to look away.

The smell of salt in the air is refreshing,

And I can’t…



Elvie Lins

Elvie Lins

Hi! My name is Elvie, I write about travel, photography, life & Poetry. I am on Twitter @successwitheve