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Born a Filipina but live in Singapore.

I am a professional Photographer that focused on Studio Lighting techniques and portraits. I call myself a professional photographer because I get paid to do it. It does not mean I am good at it.

In 2016, I decided to close my Glamour Shots studio to pursue what I like to do with my life.

I have been traveling and have climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Africa.

What I write on Medium

I write about Travel, Photography, Life, and Poetry

What I think of the Future

I like the idea of cryptocurrency and I strongly believed that bitcoin is the future of money.

Where to Find Me?

You can find me on Youtube | Twitter

You may like to own some of my NFT Collection which is listed on Rarible and OPENSEA 

In case you like some GIFs, do check me out on Kofi

How to Contact me?

Please contact me?

Please do leave a message to one of my Articles here on Medium and\or you can go to my Twitter page and send me a private message.

I appreciate your support in following me,reading, commenting, and clapping my article here on Medium.

I am sure to follow you back and I try to read as many as I can with your article.

Thank you from my heart


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Elvie Lins

Elvie Lins


Hi! My name is Elvie, I mostly chat about travel, photography, Poetry, and something more in between. I am on Twitter @successwitheve and linkend @ElvieLins