Do Not Judge Me On How I Look

For I am a woman.

1 min readMay 17, 2023


This image was taken on Chinatown’s wall as I walk along the alley. Image by Elvie Lins

My dear friends, I was staring at this image and it intrigues me as a woman. So I created this poem for all the women out there.

Do Not Judge Me On How I Look

Do not judge me on how I look,
For beneath it all, I’m an open book.
You see my flaws and make your call,
But my heart and soul should be appalled.

My exterior may not match my core,
A person much deeper, yet overlooked for sure.
So please don’t judge me from just the sight,
Take some time to see the real light.

Please do not judge me by how I look,
For beneath this exterior, pains I took.
In my heart lies a world of scars,
Etched deeply within, from life’s twisted bars.

Do not assume what lies inside,
By glancing at my outer hide.
My soul is fragile, like a delicate flower,
Please don’t break it with your power.


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