Island Paradise or Virus Nightmare? How I Handled Covid

On the sixth day in Langkawi Island, I was tested positive with Covid-19. This is what happens when you become covid positive on the island.

Elvie Lins
2 min readFeb 26, 2022


Here’s What Happen when you are Covid -19 positive on the island of Langkawi joining Travel Bubble

  • You will be isolated, you are not to go anywhere, you will have to pay for your expenses first. Hoping you can claim these expenses later with your insurance.
  • Thankfully, there is Food Panda and Grab Food services on the Island.
  • Engage with your hotel reception to help you out.
  • The MySejahtera App has to be functional, you need to report daily of your conditions.
  • On the second day of being covid positive, a doctor visited my room. This is a team from an agency called SAFETRAC. He or she checks your conditions and told me on the 7th day I should be able to go free if my test is negative.

It has been my 4rth day being isolated in the room hotel. Lucky for me that I have a nicer view and fresh air. My room cost me Malaysian currency, RM 250 per night including breakfast. (Local Breakfast)

I am suffering minor Jetlags and being covid positive, I am feeling fine. I do not feel any symptoms as what others were suffered.

I have increased my vitamin C intake to 4 capsules (500 MG per cap)instead of having one time per day. I think it is a bad thing. I suffer some red dots on my skin, some rushes similar to when I take penicillin.

Overall, I am keeping myself active, doing minor exercise, eating well, and just keeping busy throughout the day.

Thank you for watching my video.

Love, Elvie

Writing with all my heart ©Elvie Lins 2022

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