Lesson Learnt Not To Trust Someone You’ve Just Met

Especially when you are an attractive woman.

Elvie Lins
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I got molested and sexually asaulted
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A confession from Ana (not her real name). I met Ana during my recent visit to Singapore.

Ana came from the Philippines and has the same dialect as mine which is called Visaya. The dialect to which spoken in Davao City, part of Mindanao in the Philippines.

Looking for a better opportunity abroad. An innocent-looking Filipina.

Ana had been locked down for more than a year now in Singapore. The visit to Singapore was supposed to just passing by before going to Dubai and meet her sister and plan to work with her in one of the biggest Real Estate in Dubai.

Ana has a good background in Real Estate. Dubai was the target for a better and higher commission, she claimed.

It was sometime in the middle of March 2020 that she hop on a budget airline from Manila to Singapore.

Arrived in Singapore and stayed in the medium class but decent hotel as she described to me where she used to stay for 5 days.

Unfortunately, the world was in chaos due to Coronavirus. Many countries were lockdown and Singapore flights were canceled.

She has no friend to call or meet up with.

One afternoon she was resting and sitting on a bench along Orchard Road, the center of Singapore.

A fine man came to sit next to her on the same bench. She described to me that the Taufik(not his real name). Ana described Taufic seems to be good with his soft-spoken tone of voice so I became fond of him.

At the time of their meeting, the bar was still on business and both Ana and Taufik decided to go for a drink. One drink became 2 and then much much more as she can recall.

They became close friends. A nonstop exchange of chat messages that following hours after they separated their ways to go back.

The following day. Taufik was inviting Ana to meet again.

This time is to meet at the hotel. Ana was advised by Taufik to book a room near the Orchard Road area and Ana will have to pay first and later Taufik will hand her cash to pay back. So Ana did as she was told.



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