The Dawn of Happiness

Elvie Lins
2 min readNov 29, 2023
Sailing Boat in Croatia
A sight from the Boat Deck capturing Anna along Croatia’s coastline, with all the guys on board in a state of drunken slumber, accompanied by loud snores. Image by Elvie Liins.

One morning, I tagged along with my husband and his pals for my first sailing adventure in the Croatian Mediterranean. They partied hard each night, but I’m not into the whole drinking and smoking scene.

So, in the midst of their late-night antics and booze-filled slumber, their snores sounded like a crazy orchestra playing Beethoven in their bunks. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I quietly slipped out and made my way to the boat deck.

Surprisingly, the sea was super chill, and I soaked in the peace and quiet. I found a cozy spot, all by myself, and watched the sunrise unfold — it was like having my own personal IMAX show right there on the boat.

Feeling inspired, I pulled out my phone and jotted down a poem in my notes.

Dawn of Happiness

In the gentle embrace of morning’s glow,
Where shadows yield, letting happiness flow,
A vibrant palette paints the sky,
Welcoming a new day with a heartfelt sigh.

Witness the canvas brushed in dawn’s embrace,
A masterpiece woven with morning’s grace,
As sunlight ascends, a golden kiss bestowed,
The world stirs awake in joyous abode.

The breeze whispers, a promise of dreams,
Softly carrying hope on tranquil streams,
As daylight pierces the darkened night,
A landscape emerges, bathed in soft light.

Blossoms unfold, in my intimate sphere,
Within the garden of joy, emotions draw near,
A serene mosaic of peace gently reveals,
As my personal dawn of happiness subtly peels.

Joining in nature’s harmonious tune,
Birdsong dances beneath the morning moon,
A chorus of serenity, a melody strong,
Celebrating my new day with a personal song.

Within the fabric of my awakened mirth,
A symphony of joy takes intimate birth,
The sunrise of my happiness, a warm fire,
Igniting my heart with a personal desire.

Held in the dawn’s tender, personal grace,
A tranquil smile graces my waking face,
For in this moment, sorrows depart,
And personal happiness blooms in my heart.

Let the dawn be my sacred vow,
To cherish the joy that I hold now,
In the quiet cradle of morning light,
Where shadows yield to my personal delight.

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