The Impact On Coronavirus in People’s Life

When coronavirus started the lockdown, it stops the flights, malls, and many businesses closed down, it shocks the world and it shocks me. That day, the lockdown starts for me when I was in Davao Philippines. That was March 20, 2020.

Elvie Lins


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In Davao Philippines

The coronavirus made people find things to do:

People learn how to do gardening.

Cleaning and renovating their homes.

Women got pregnant (many of the people I know in Davao) Even a 52-year-old friend got pregnant after her last birth 16 years ago.

Many couples realize they both not meant for each other and the relationship ended.

(Image by the author) This is Davao City Claveria street were empty during the lockdown of Marc 2020

Many travelers got stuck.

Mothers stuck at home with 3 to 6 children homeschooling with no or maybe 1 desktop computer at home. No money to buy another one.

The poor who were depending on their food from a day's work got hungry.

The beggars on the streets have the whole city for themselves.

No vehicles passing by aside from a bicycle but were very seldom.

You wash your hands as often as you can.

You clean doorknobs and disinfect many times a day.

You feel the tension around you was very frustrating.

You see the news from around the world has the same issue of coronavirus.

Nothing but coronavirus.

The usage of electricity and water got high as everyone in the family seems to be using more and more.

Many people committed suicide for loneliness, relationships, more problem occurs and debts add up.

Many lost their jobs.

Movement control measures in the Philippines frightened many lives.



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