The New Year

Elvie Lins
Jan 1, 2022


New year in Austria
Austria by Elvie Lins

This morning I woke up eager for the day ahead
Ready to take on the year with open eyes.

My optimism flourished in this new event horizon
Feeling privileged forevermore to be alive

When 2021 debuted, much precipitation developed
Making it hard for folks to see
What the year would hold in store

This year, I will be
equal to my most courageous self.

I will march into a life that endures me.

I鈥檒l phase out bad names,
And never come crawling back again.

Happy New Year 2022!

The new year is poised with promise and good hope,

Bringing with it a breath of relief.

Let鈥檚 celebrate renewed peace and love,

Gather together with lighter hearts.

To feel the fresh sensation of the ink,

Isn鈥檛 it refreshing how its words sweep over you?

As you walk into this new great day.

Happy New Year Everyone!



Elvie Lins

"Traveling ignites my soul, crafting tales of my journeys. Through my lens, I bridge cultures and showcase stunning landscapes, bringing the world closer. 馃實"