This Mystery Man Wants To Get Lost

The Poem

Elvie Lins
2 min readDec 23, 2021


man by the beach
The Man by the Beach was taken in Thailand by Elvie Lins

The salty water rushes against the sandy earth,

The waves dancing jubilee.

The gulls fly high in joyous chatter As they welcome freedom.

And off to the left sits silently The Man by the swing.

The fresh, salty air tickles my nose
As I lay in the sun reflection off the blue sea.

I close my eyes, it’s what makes me happy
A moment of clarity in this wilderness chaos.

Forget our roles, forget our hassle
Just for a while sense it drifts away.

Take time to relax and unwind
Enjoy the moment life is shown every day

Are you man enough to take on this ocean life?
The wars we go through would wear you down.

I can’t think of what you would lose and feel ashamed so I’m staying right here, Liberating the black skyscrapers and skyscraper trees.

My memory of the image above is still fresh in my mind. The man on the swing I did not know him. I was at the back of him and watched him for a long time. I admire him as he enjoys the clear blue ocean.

If you like to see the original footage of the image above, you can find it on Opensea NFT Market Place.

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