What Made Me a 2 Time Top Writer On Medium

Consistency is the key to success.

Elvie Lins


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How I Get Started

My writing on Medium began in the middle of February this year. I was focused and determined.

Before that, I vlog on YouTube and still am but not so active at the moment.

Lockdown made me slow down creating content on travel vlogging as I have nowhere to go.

To let you know, I am more of a writer for social media, short-form to promote my vlog, or telling people how good the product I used as I am into affiliate marketing.

It all changes when I decide to write and focus on Medium.

My writing style before was totally out of nowhere compared to what I am today and still learning.

There are two publications that helped me mold in becoming a better writer and that is ILLUMINATION and The Masterpiece by S M Mamunur Rahman.

When I write, I like to include more images because it seems to express further what I was trying to say.

My style in photography reflects very much of what I feel at that moment, therefore, I can elaborate and create stories better.

I have so much to share about travel. I have been traveling to several countries.

I found Medium a place to write about my travel journey so that I can share fun experiences, especially in this season of COVID-19 that made us isolated from going to places.

Reading more and learn from other writers in Medium plays a very important role in writing. Comparing my style to theirs, Oh my gosh, it’s disastrous.

I am inspired by few writers like Josephine Crispin, Yana Bostongirl, Dennis De Silva, Krishna V Chaudhary Kyomi O’Connor, Alberto García 🚀🚀🚀 , John Villablanca, Yamin Ohmar.

In the beginning, I could not see a lot of the topics in Travel and Photography. I was hesitant. But I think I was only afraid of being criticized.

Or shall I call it perfectionism?

“I am ashamed to do things I have doubts about doing, because it reflects who I am.” Elvie Lins



Elvie Lins

"Traveling ignites my soul, crafting tales of my journeys. Through my lens, I bridge cultures and showcase stunning landscapes, bringing the world closer. 🌍"